Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello again bloggers

ahh, a free minute.  i've been super busy AND i'm not able to snag internet from a neighbor anymore.  therefore, this is LONG over due.  luckily downtown has free internet and my salon is able to pick it up :) 

so, lots on my plate right now.  i've currently rearranged the living room and miss caroline's room.  however the living room is still rocking bunnies and chicks and caroline's room is full of disassembled little baby things.  SO, no pictures today!  i love the new layout in both rooms and it's a nice change of pace.  i'm really loving this weather and can't wait til drag out my patio furniture and fix up my yard.  last year kylie and i worked hard on creating a flowerbed down the side of the patio.  i loved having flowers, but i hate watering plants.  but we moved so i don't even have to worry about it.  i will however have lots of potted plants.  i think a beautiful bright flower adds so much to an otherwise drab patio.  so watch out trailer park, i'll be the trailer adorned with flowers! 

in other news, i went to chicago with one of my besties.  we had such a good time.  we both however hate chicago and it's traffic, but we had fun.  i have to blog about that trip seperate, because it's one in it's own.  but on the topic of miss casey.  she's engaged and getting married next april.  i'm super excited!  she's asked me to stand up with her and i'm very happy to be a part of it.  i know it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL wedding with lots of detail.  she's found THE dress, so a road trip is in order. she's such a fun sweetie and this dress screams her name!  so excited!

miss caroline is almost 8 months old now!  i can't believe it.  and like my friend jillian, i'm also going to have to start formula.  it makes me super sad, but she's not getting enough from just me.  my little miss is rolling all over the place and i know in no time she'll be crawling then running! she's so fun and it's the best.  we've been so blessed to have her.  she's such a good baby and her cousins love her dearly.  she is aubrie's "best friend." aubrie frequently calls caroline on her "cell" phone and laughs and says "oh caroline you're so funny"  it's too sweet!  i'm so happy that our kids are close and that they love each other...now at least! haha  

well my client will be here shortly, but i'll try to update soon.  look forward to blogs about necklaces, my house, chicago, ethel edith, and more!


elise said...

cousins are such a blessing!
i'm so glad we have Cash, and i know your sisters are glad to have sweet Caroline:O)
it is hard when you have to start using some formula too, but i give us all props for reading our babies well and knowing when we have to make changes.
gotta keep that belly full!
glad you had fun in Chicago! hair show?

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

about time - we want updates :) ha ha like i'm not fully updated! Bring your paint pants - the paint is on tonight - my basement!