Wednesday, April 14, 2010

disco one

This is the cut and color we learned and yes we paid $225 for it too!

disco 1.  let's just say the class started off with "try to have an open mind"  when the instructor said that, casey said she knew we were screwed.  then they pulled out these bad boys and we really knew we were screwed.  these are called disconnected haircuts.  they can probably be pulled off in a big city, but in shelbyville, they're just going to look like a seriously messed up cut.  with long pieces randomly with 3" pieces above the ear.  it was no so pretty.  we were pretty bummed because we were SO excited to have a hands on color AND cut class.  even though the disco 1 was bust, we still had fun and learned some new techniques from it.  

 who wants it?!

such goof balls

in the hotel after we rinsed out the color THREE hours later.  we are dorks.


just_me_tiff said...

sign me up! looks like the best haircut ever...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes I love the cabinet color, let me know and I'll tell you the kind of paint to buy, it rocks! Love your sassy hair. I wear mine very short and spiky and I just got really blond all over highlights. I'm a sassy gal!


Jillian said...

haha :)
looks like you had fun!
Even though the cuts might not go over so well in Shelbyville :(