Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the heart of MY home

so this is my new living room.  the couch used to be my parents, but my mom is a sucker for us girls.  she is always willing to give us her things so she gets new.  i have the brown couch and annie has the red one.  abbie didn't get a hand-me-down so mom just bought her a new couch.  she was in college and poor, plus we're all spoiled.  the coffee table/trunk is a jewel i picked up at the last 3rd sunday market.  i forgot i bought this because it was in the storage shed at my parent's house.  i went down to put something in the shed and discovered my diamond!  this is one of my favorite pieces in the room.  p.s. i love my turqouise curtains.  at $5 a panel, you can't afford not to buy these gems!

this is the north side of my living room.  my tv cabinet is huge and takes TWO grown men to move it. it's antique and is apparently from some sort of military base.  i really love this piece.  in this picture is also our red leather chair.  this is the first piece of furniture that kylie and i bought together.  i believe it was our combined 1st christmas present.  it's a recliner and it's wonderful.  we got it at weekends only in fairview heights.  i saw it and was in love!  p.s. that is a glass head filled with mini pumpkins.  i heart that head.  and yes that is a silver glittery Jesus.  i love Him in more ways than one :)
ok, this is the other side(across from couch). this little cabinet is one of my absolute favorite pieces in my house.  abbie bought it for me a couple years ago at 3rd sunday market.  i loved it so much, but had ran out of money, so she got it for me for i think my birthday or christmas or something like that.  i have loved it since i laid my eyes on it.  i think because it's little and of course because the different colored drawers.  that little pop of red just spices it up perfectly.  oh, notice that lampshade? got it on sale at target.  it didn't have a price and i was excpecting something high because of how great it is, but it was only $10.  i couldn't afford not too!  the chair, kylie surprised me with last year for my birthday.  i was so excited.  we were trying to have a baby and i knew a rocker was a must and i loved this one at big lots.  he's such a great man, he snagged it up and totally surprised me.  he bought it and hid it at his parents house.  the night he gave it to me, we came home and took a pregnancy test.  9 months later, caroline joann arrived.  it was the best birthday ever :)
this last cabinet is placed just behind the brown rocker.   i really really like this piece too.  i love old pieces with old paint, it's really in our blood i think.  i love that this has that random smudge of blue paint.  it's like they wanted to paint it and got lazy.  it's also very large and hold a TON of my junk.  in my old trailer (abbie's new home)  it house all of our food.  i mean everything but the fridge.  we had little to no cabinet space over there and this saved the day!  i picked this up at a sale in the little little little town of clarksburg...just down the road from my childhood home.  love it!
last but not least is our little shoe cabinet. moving to this trailer eliminated a coat closet/shoe storage.  luckily i had purchased this little cabinet at 3rd sunday market earlier in the summer.  it was a trip annie and i took together and found some great buys!  this gem was only $35.  i love, again, the old paint.  it's blue and green and fabulous!  also that mirror i snagged at hobby lobby for only $20.  i totally thought it was $40, but got to the register and discovered mirrors were 50% off! awesome right?! oh my mom got me that little army m.d. bucket because my salon is HAIR, m.d.  oh and i love my little bull dog too.  oh and that stained glass pumpkin.  that was a gift from my mom as well.  she has a double one that i adored.  i really do have a great mom.
i love my house and i hope you enjoyed it too.  some people don't get my style or understand why my sisters and i love "junk" furniture, but we just do.  it's got more character than store bought pieces and we just love it.  it truly is passed down from our mother and i love that she passed it on to us and that we are going into business like she did.  having a business with my sisters like this has always been a dream of mine and i'm so glad that i get to do it and also have my passion for doing hair at the same time.

more pictures of the rest of the trailer to come :)


Jillian said...

you guys are ridiculously fabulous.

just_me_tiff said...

cute house mags!!

areid1982 said...

That trunk was to die for! We need to find a sale or something to hit up this fall - ASAP!