Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2nd move in 09!

that's right, 2 moves in one year!  if you read my wonderful sister annie's blog you know that me and my other sister abbie both moved this weekend.  it was totally crazy!  it was 3pm sunday and we said, we're moving to the big trailer(which is two doors away from our old trailer)  and we loaded up laundry baskets and went to town.  then abbie and her husband, zac, decided to move to our old trailer.  so in 2009, kylie and i moved from small #55 to bigger #18, to the biggest #16.  we are here for awhile now.  our plan is to save and build in 2011.  but since we will do the work ourselves, our house will be finished in 2012.  so we are set in this trailer because it's big enough for 2 kids-which is not in the plans anytime soon, considering our daughter is only 11 weeks old, but in 3 years for sure!  my mom is totally jealous of me and abbie.  she says it was her and her twin sister jackie's dream to live next door to eachother and be like lucy and ethel.  it is pretty convient to just walk one door over when we need something.  tonight they had us over for pizza and it was delicious.  we laughed about how kylie runs and i made a horrible joke that almost made me pee myself.  they laughed too, b/c it was so bad but great at the same time!  pictures to come!


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