Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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i'm at work and i'm sitting...yet again. so far today i have an appointment at 330 and 4. i'm starting to get discouraged. maybe my busy time is the end of the month and the rest of the month suffers! oh well. the worst part is, when i'm not busy it makes me unmotivated to do work when i am busy. i'm trying to break the cycle though. i took a color appointment at 4pm today. i originally planned on leaving at 4, but now i'm going to stay and make $70. well worth it!

other news, i've been thinking alot recently about doing some kind of fundraiser at the shop for breast cancer. today, i was asked to do mini manicures at the bowl for a "bowling for boobs" fundraiser. i'm hoping this will motivate me to really start planning something. the whole thought behind it came from my good friend's mom. well, she had breast cancer and is a SURVIVOR! ashley also cuts hair, and i know she would totally want to be a part of it. i haven't got to talk to her recently to tell her my idea, but i'm counting her in! haha. i'm just thinking about a "pink" day, where we do cuts all day and the profits go to breast cancer. i still have a lot of planning to go through and such, but it's a start. i hope i can do it and make it really successful. if so, hopefully it can be something we do once a year for breast cancer. i'm excited about it.

next subject...we moved! only 100yds, but it was stressful! but we are all settled now! it's so nice. i love it. i can't wait to find out what baby bean is so we can decorate it's room. i've felt unsure about it's sex forever, but recently i've wanted to call it a girl. not that i have a "feeling" it's a girl or a boy, but everyone thinks it's a girl and it's starting to rub off on me. only a week and a day left! hopefully the little booger cooperates!

ok, that is all for now, when i feel motivated i'll post some pictures of our new home/trailer.


Jillian said...

Aw! I'm excited to find out what you guys are having---Owen and I find out tomorrow!
I'm terribly anxious to finally know :)
Congratulations on moving! Owen and I will probably be moving RIGHT before we have the baby---like a couple weeks before I'm due...stressful at anytime, but worse when you can't really help all that much.
Good luck with doing a fundraiser! I have been trying to get an event together for our Crisis Pregnancy Centers in this area...like a baby shower for the centers. Hopefully i'll get it going soon.

Anonymous said...

It's a girl...I'm pretty sure. Lucky you because Aubrie has mounds of adorable clothes for you :) Actually I think 13 rubbermaid tubs to be exact! Make room in the trailer! Annie

MiJon2 said...

I wish it were twins, 1 of each b/c you have cool names picked out for both boy & girl. post the pics of the new casa already!