Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's a baby.....


we're so stinking excited. we didn't c
are what we were getting as long as it was healthy. but we are VERY happy with God's choice.

she is a very healthy little girl. average in her size an
d weight and her heart rate is great. she was being difficult today though. she was burying her head clear up by my belly button and then covering it up with her little hands. we didn't get a good picture of her little girl parts, but we saw enough that it was NOT a boy. she waved at us too! we did get a good picture of that. we haven't decided on a name for sure. i don't think we're going to share til we are absolutely sure.

side note, my cyst/mass looks fine. it appears to hav
e stayed in the same location and same size. so no worries there. thank goodness.

this is my belly at 18 weeks, it doesn't look very big, but my pants are TIGHT. maternity pants have called my name and i LOVE them!

here are our pictures from today (19 weeks)