Monday, March 9, 2009

quick update

its been a really long time, so how about an update?

baby daniel:
is doing very well. i'm almost 17 weeks now. my last appointment went really well. we heard the heartbeat and the doctor said it sounded great. the little thing was going between 153 and 157 the whole time. a few weeks before that it was 163-165. my mother-in-law thinks that it's a boy b/c of its heart rate. everyone else is still determined its a girl. i have no idea! we go on the 25th to find out what it is. names are getting difficult. we originally planned on Caroline Jo for a girl and "fill in blank" Douglas for a boy, boy names are hard. haha but recently i've been really paranoid that Caroline is a popular name. i know there are a few in shelbyville under the age of 3 and i just dont know if i'm cool with that. plus that new movie is out called coraline, so i'm afraid that will be popular. so new names: Penelope JoAnn(after kylie's gma) or Catherine(after kylie's mom and gma kat) JoAnn. i told kylie he gets final vote, and he told me it will probably be Penelope. who know?! boys: Douglas Stuart-i love this name. i had conjoined twin brothers named Douglas and Daniel, so Douglas Stuart Daniel, nails both my bros, also my dad's name is Stuart, and Douglas is a family name on Kylie's side. all around PERFECT name. kylie doesn't like it. douglas is not a good first name he says. he loves Oliver Douglas. i like this name, but i'm not sold. so he said if i let him pick, it will be Oliver. i'm so torn. i can't wait to find out what it is! on another note, i'm pretty sure i can feel it move. they say you can around this time, but i'm just not sure. i've never had a baby before, and so i don't know what it feels like. its odd. any insight on the names?

so we're moving this saturday. we currently live in my parents trailer park in the lovely lot 55. we're moving to the beautiful lot 18! ridiculous, i know. i never thought i would pack up all my things to move 100 yards. 18 needed a TON of work, the same man lived there for 20 yrs and never updated or CLEANED! they ripped up all the carpet, and had to fix almost the entire floor. it was terrible. anyway, this weekend was painting weekend. everything needed painted. all the ceilings and all the walls. luckily we had a big paint crew. my mom, abbie, cathy and greg, kolby and tiff, kylie, me, and my dad later. i had to work from 10-12, and when i came back i was blown away. they had a coat of primer on the entire thing! it was awesome. by the end of the day sat, we had all the ceilings done(except for the living room) all the walls, bathroom, and baby room done! and 2 coats on our bedroom ceiling and walls. we kicked butt! sunday we had to paint the ceiling in the living room again! it took about 6 coats. then we painted the cabinets and finished the bedroom. my dad fixed the bathroom floor then surprised me with wood floor in there. my uncle came and laid it and it's beautiful! plus we got new sinks and toilet in the bath. cathy cleaned the terrible tub and now it looks great! she was the woman for the job, she has lots of patience. then we got all the cabinet knobs on and all the blind hung. tonight's agenda: put down carpet pad, clean oven, hang curtain rods, paint laundry room doors. then tuesday and wednesday, lay carpet. my mom and me might move some of my stuff over that can be put away in cabinets today. then maybe friday, kylie and jade can move some furniture. that is if kylie gets off work early. they called him in yesterday at 2:30, they called twice and he said no. then they called again and said he had to come. so he left and didn't get home till 12:30am. i was pretty upset with WAND, but i guess it was 10 hours of overtime and he might get friday off. so it was a blessing in disguise.

well i gotta get my deposits ready and get cleaned up so i can go to MENARDS :)


Shannon said...

All good names, Maggie! We have a recreation ministry here at the Church and have these awards ceremonies about 4 times a year with hear some really great names...and some really bad ones. But we just had one yesterday and there was a little boy named Oliver and I loved it! And it'd be so cute to call him Olie, no? I'm also a big fan of the names Olivia and Lily for little girls. I'm so excited for you two! Anyway...hope you and baby Daniel are doing well...and Kylie too!

MiJon2 said...

Ok, My first thought is go with your gut. you go with what you like the most and don't care who uses the name or what other people think. my second thought is I love Penelope and Oliver. I really love the thought of naming the baby afte your dad though, so I understand your feelings on Douglas Stuart, but to me Oliver stomps mud holes in Douglas as a 1st name. :)
ps you are so nice & trusting to give kylie final say!

Maggie Daniel said...

I believe Oliver and Penelope are it. I can trust Kylie, because I tend to make decisions then change my mind about it later. So I know he will choose the BEST name for the baby and I'll love it forever b/c Kylie chose it.

Nicky said...

I love the name neice is named Penelope Joy. She'll be 2 in July. =) I also like Douglas. It would be so cute to call a little boy "Duggy", but maybe that's just me...LOL

Kelly said...

i like penelope... you could call her penny, which would be ridiculously cute if she was a redhead.

im not crazy about douglas as a first name either. makes me think of doug longstreet. hahaha. would oliver be too similar to tiffany's dog... or is that comparing apples to oranges? i like oliver, though...