Friday, June 11, 2010

hazel the short haired rip

well you've all heard about my dog hazel.  she's super sweet to me and kylie and most of our family.  however she really dislikes strangers and anyone that will possibly steal her food or crush her tiny body.  even though she's a rip a majority of the time, i love her.  she's a 5 pound, long haired chihuahua. she's beautiful.

 and grungy...

so, on sunday morning, we decided to shave her.  man i was super nervous, but i snapped on a 1/2" guard and just went to town.  she was surprisingly calm.  here she is now. 
she looks like a little jack russell now.  she really looks like she did when she's a puppy.  i still can't believe we shaved her, but i'm thankful she's still cute!  June 8th was her birthday, she's two now.  But she's still as cute as when we first got her.
she was so tiny, she was the size of a soda can!  i also thought she'd never be able to jump on the couch, boy was i wrong! 


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

she's quite the tiny B. Too bad Trudie has kicked her ace many a times :)

Janie Fox said...

I love that little rip and she loves me too!

gena said...

Adorable ! We have a jack/yorkie mix - trixie - and she is quite the pistol !!!! I do love me some puppy !


Rene'@bargainhoot said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!! I thought I would take a trip over and say hi!! I'm glad I did.... What a cute blog and a cute little doggie!! Our furry friend is named Clover.
Have a great Sunday!
PS I'll let you in on something, I'm really bad at Grammer, I leave words out misspell thinngs lol Do you know any good proofers...I'm getting tired of worrying about it, it stifles my creative juices :)