Thursday, March 3, 2011

Come again?

Very rarely do I talk about my job and my stories from behind the chair.  I don’t want to tell specific stories that would embarrass my clients or point out a certain person.  That’s just not cool.  But, since I’m going on my fifth year of professionally cutting hair, six when you count school, I’ve got a lot of things I’d like to clear up about hair.  So, without further adieu I give you my myths and my facts about hair.


-Sweet N Low will make your hair color not itch.
MYTH! A woman asked me to put it in her color before putting it on her hair.  I was in school at the time and my teacher told me to “not put that $#!* in her color, but tell her you did.”  So that’s exactly what I did.  I put the color on and ten minutes later asked “how’s it feeling?”  in which she replies “Great!  That sweet n low really does the trick!”  Oh boy, if she only knew.

-Perms can be “cut” out of your hair.  MYTH!  Once your hair is permed, it cannot be cut out!  Perm solution breaks the bonds in your hair, then the neutralizer reforms the bonds to take the shape of the rod, therefore perming your hair.  So just because you got a haircut, does not mean the perm is gone.  In most cases, these woman that say this have not had a perm in over a year…or three!

-Perms literally permanently curl your hair. 
They really did perms like this back in the day. Can you imagine a wet solution on your hair then hooked up to wires?!

MYTH! A perm can curl your hair, but most of them go flat after 3-4 months.  You might have a little left in there but five years later, it’s gone!  So quit thinking that the perm you got when you were 14 made you have curly hair, because it didn’t.

-Blonde hair fades. 

MYTH!  If you have high lights your hair has been lightened to that level.  It’s not going to go back to being brown when it’s been lifted to blonde.  It’s just not.  Check your outgrowth Ms., it’s been months since you got high lights.  They’re not faded…they’re grown out.

-Dirty hair takes color better.  MYTH!  If your hair is coated in mousse and hairspray then think of what your hair cuticle looks like  Yeah, your color will still work, but it has to cut through your product build up and natural oils before it can get that cuticle open and really soak into your hair follicle. So, technically clean hair is better for color absorption.

*Don’t be offended if you’re one of these ladies who have said these things.  You now know, you were far off from the truth.  I know there are lots more “myths” floating around, but now it’s times for the FACTS!

-“frosting” is a term used in the 80’s and 90’s-it’s high lights ladies
-“feathering” also 80’s-welcome to the new millennium, we use LAYERS now
-“brick lay” uh what?!-what you mean is stack the back, please.
-mullets aren’t cool anymore....
..........unless maybe it's a fashion mullet, 
but not really
-ladies over 40 should NOT get pink, purple, turquoise, etc. in their hair
…it’s just not cute anymore.
-you can’t scrunch straight hair and expect it to curl. 
-you can't complain how bad your hair cut is cut it yourself!
-your hair just won't grow, well maybe it's because you've not had a cut in a year and it just keeps breaking off on the end.
-a flat iron is not always your best friend.
-leave in conditioner is your friend, when used in moderation.
-a pony tail everyday will damage your hair.

So next time you visit your "hair lady" remember these tid bits.  Also remember-

She can shape your brows and wax your chin but she can’t lift and tuck them.  She just a beautician ladies, not a magician.


Janie Fox said...

ha I know these facts, but I have been schooled. However, you got me hankering for a pink mullet aka shag!

Abbie said...

i think that ponytail business was directed at me....b. :)

goddessof4 said...

Hi, I love your list!!!!! As a colorist I have to say I have used "sweet n low" on myself and from what I felt it works!!!! At first it itches and then it almost feels numb!!!! I do not use it every one maybe on sensitive people and myself. I have been doing hair for 18 years. I know another one to add to your list,pouring milk to the clients scalp when bleaching (never tried that but did see it in Vidal Sassoon salon in Chicago when I worked there.Have a great day,Sara

MiJon said...

thanks for the info, but really...could you quit publishing that pick of me in my sweet green tank top with my mul-fro? Jeez, have a lil courtesy.