Sunday, March 7, 2010

thank you television

a few weeks ago my baby girl had bronchitis.  i meant to blog it a long time ago, but i've been busy.  so here my sweetness is doing breathing treatments.


she's such a champ, she didn't fuss or fight.  she just watched tv and laughed.



we've been blessed with a happy baby. i can't believe she's 1/2 a year old.  she's flirt and a ham.  i thank God for her everyday. 


elise said...

poor sweet gal, she has good taste in tv too, watching the Office like a pro;o)

Janie Fox said...

She is a beauty,and happy like her mommy was. I thank God everyday for her too!

just_me_tiff said...

she is a flirt! and I love it..until she gets older, but luckily you can just send her my way for "the talk" hahaha.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Oh I forgot Tiff does the talk for a living - we may have to send all ours over there to meet her!!

I thank god for her too - she's so sweet I adore her!

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