Monday, September 28, 2009

love love love

it's that time of year again. time for jeans and sweatshirts, pumpkins and mums. i love fall so much. it's, what i believe, as the most beautiful time of year. the trees are gorgeous, the weather is wonderful, and the smells are delicious. yum, hot apple pie. i'm making some for our after dinner treat, aka: dessert. i hate to bake though, so i have store bought crusts and a jar of apples that my grandma toots prepared. you can't argue that an 85 year old woman can't make some great apples for pie! i have her recipe for crusts, but i feel like have a huge vat of crisco to make pies once in awhile is pointless. once caroline is old enough to help, then i'll make crusts. i love that memory with my mom. we always got to make the extra crust in to a mini pies inside a jar lid. it was awesome. i have so many crafty memories with my mom, i can't wait to make them with caroline.

speaking of crafty-ness. i am missing it badly. i am surrounded by so many artsy and crafty people, it's bringing me down. not really, but i do really miss it. i wish i had an extra room where i could set everything out all the time. that is the only thing that holds me back. i don't want to drag everything out, to put it all up in a hour once the baby needs attention. caroline is not the reason for my lack of crafting, i mean my friend jillian is rocking out headbands left and right with a 2 month old. maybe it's lack of space and time, but mostly space. i am inspired by numerous things, but just can't seem to express them through art. casey is making beautiful necklaces and jillian amazing headbands. i just can't craft like that. i'm more of a paper person, not scrapbooking(though i do love that), but more of layering and mod-podge and glitter and ribbons. i like weird things like, fairy jars and cigar box houses. i guess i need to stick to that craft. the things i love vs. things i could sell for money. i just need time and space. anyone have any to spare?


Anonymous said...

Come craft with me - I want to make some amazing fall felt pillows. I think it would be good. Also - make Aubrie G a fairy house, she'd heart you forever for that kind of business.

just_me_tiff said...

instead of renting that trailer make IT your craft house.........amazing idea....i know!

Maggie Daniel said...

oh shoot dang, i never thought of that tiff! extra income or craft house. i would like option #2 but i don't think kylie would agree with me! i'll just come use your extra room! i know where the spare key is!

just_me_tiff said...

LOL you could use that room...IF it were ever clean enough. That's where I store all of MY craft stuff and out of season basically it's a mess lol

Nicky said...

Tiffany has a Monica Room?? LOL

Jillian said...

Hey pretty lady :)
It IS so hard pull out crafting stuff...I comandeered our coffee table for three days straight. (It was covered with glitter, beads, felt and ribbon...) Owen almost killed me because he had no place to put his actual coffee on the coffee table.

Don't be discouraged though, you will feel much better when you actually have the opportunity to do it!

And the crafting trailer sounds amazing. You could always let other people rent out parts of it for their crafting stuff as "Maggie's Craft House" I can see it now.