Monday, December 7, 2009

words can't describe

but i'm going to try!  today, i stepped into a store in dectur and it felt like a dream.  my dear dear friend casey (  sells her handmade jewelry there and told me i would love it.  after weeks of wanting to go i finally made it!  unfortunately i only had 10 mins to look.  i was dying over it.  it truly is my dream.  i want to have a store like this with my sister annie.  abbie too, but she's a chiropractor, so that won't happen.  i absolutely love my job, but i think this is my dream.  mostly because i grew up helping my mom with shows and her shop and i just would LOVE to have a cute store like that.  a store that everyone goes to and talks about and always comes to to pick up a gift for their family and friends.  a store that people travel from other towns to come and shop.  oh my how i want this so bad.  ok, so you want to know the store right?  it's called tournesol.  it's a mother and daughter.  they used to have separate shops but now they are combined.  it's adorable.  they're website is  it doesn't even do the store justice.  they had the cutest things from garden to jewelry to candles to papers to baby items.  in the words of rachel zoe "ba-nan-as!" "i die."  oh goodness.  i wish i had my camera to take pictures and share.  but believe me it's beautiful.


Casey said...

I am so so so glad you got to visit her shop! I pray that one day you will have a lovely store like hers. It would be a dream come true.